Furniture Construction and Building Methods

Furniture Construction and Building Methods

Having, in the preceding pages, described, at sufficient length, the several woodworking tools which are absolutely necessary for the satisfactory execution of such joinery and cabinet-work as are contemplated in the present manual, and illustrated in its several pictures; and having given such instructions for the proper use of the tools as the amateur joiner may, under ordinary circumstances, require, we can now direct the amateur's attention to the methods and forms of furniture construction and building he will have to adopt in his practice of joinery.

Joinery, or woodworking, may be defined as the art of putting together, by means of suitable jointing, the several pieces of wood necessary for the formation of any article of furniture. It is, accordingly, an art which deserves the attention of every one of domestic habits, who is capable of undergoing a moderate amount of physical exertion, and who possesses some degree of manual skill.

Woodworking may be described as a clean art, and one that can be practised in any spare room or dry cellar in a house; shavings and sawdust being practically all that have to be cleared away from time to time. In the event of the practice of the art assuming the importance of a serious hobby, we would strongly advise the amateur joiner to erect a small workshop in any convenient spot in his yard or garden ; care being taken to have it so constructed as to be perfectly dry in all seasons; and to possess ample window-space, a good stove for general heating, warming glue, etc., and sufficient means of artificial lighting. The dimensions of the workshop will depend on the class and size of the work to be carried on therein, and this matter should be well considered. If any mistake is to be made, let it be in making the workshop too large rather than too small. It is highly probable that a lathe will be found desirable, if not necessary, in addition to the joiner's bench, and both good light and sufficient space must be provided for it.

List of the most common joinery techniques and types of wood joints with tips and instructions for how to do them:

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Furniture Construction and Building Methods

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