Joining Shelves

Joining Shelves

In the accompanying illustration, below, is shown the simple method of jointing shelves or other horizontal portions of a piece of furniture to any vertical portion of the same. This jointing, although shown on both sides of the vertical portion, is usually called for on one side only.

Jointing Shelves

The easiest way for the amateur joiner to execute this joint, seeing that it is probable his command of tools will be limited, may be described as follows: When the exact position and width of the required groove in the vertical portion have been carefully marked, by the aid of a try-square of the necessary size, a sharp-pointed knife is taken, and while the square is firmly held against the marked lines, deep cuts must be made, the knife being held at right angles to the surface of the board, which, of course, is laid flat on the bench. The square being laid aside, the knife should be further used to make the cuts as deep as possible. When this has been done, a firmer-chisel, a little narrower than the width between the cuts, must be taken, and the wood carefully pared away along the groove, to the depth of the cuts made by the knife, Fresh cuts must be made along the lines of the first ones, and the wood removed until the groove is brought to its required depth. The groove should be so gauged as to receive the shelf or board sufficiently tight to require some force to drive it in.

If preferred, after the first knife-cuts have been made, the sides of the groove can be cut down to their requisite depth with the tenon saw, the wood being removed with the firmer-chisel, as directed above.

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Joining Shelves

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