Furniture Building Plans

Furniture Building Plans

Free blueprints and plans for building wood furniture, some simple, others for the more advanced woodworker. Some of these free plans are suitable as outdoor and patio items while most are for indoor, particularly bedroom furniture plans.

Although all the articles of furniture shown in the the pictures and diagrams are accurately drawn to scale, and are accompanied by their respective scales ; and although practically nothing is left to the imagination, either in details of construction or matters of form, it is desirable, for the further assistance of the tyro in joinery and cabinet-work, that a brief description of each of the furniture plans illustrated be given, defining its nature, and pointing out any peculiarities which may be to needed to know to build them, which might not occur to him on a mere examination of the drawings. In addition, suggestions and instructions respecting the most suitable woods to use in constructing the several articles, and for finishing the same in different ways cannot but be helpful to him.

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Furniture Building Plans

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