Wall Bookcase Plan

Wall Bookcase Plan

Plans for a wall unit mounted bookcase. Bookcases that can be mounted on wall make great space savers and these wall mount bookcase plans are suitable for most levels of woodworking.

PLATE I. The article of furniture which forms the subject of this Plate is one of everyday utility, and is extremely simple in its construction. A neat, hanging wall bookcase is very useful in a small room in which floor-space is much in demand; it is also convenient in a boy's or girl's bedroom, holding a small library of lesson-books, works of reference, gift-books, etc.

The Plans

According to the dimensions shown in the drawing, the two shelves will hold between fifty and sixty books of average thickness. The shelves are 2 ft. 6 ins. long; but they can be made any desirable length from that shown down to 1 ft. 6 ins. Fig. I is the front of the bookcase, showing its appearance as placed against a wall, and the simple manner in which the shelves are tenoned through the sides and secured by small wedges. The positions of the tenons are shown in Fig. 2, which is the design of the ends of the bookcase.

Wall Unit Bookcase

Fig. 3 is an alternate design for the ends of the bookcase: it is shown chamfered along its edges, but, as this entails considerable labour, the edges may be left square, as in the other design.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section through the centre of the bookcase, showing the shelves and the construction of the back, the boarding of which may be about three eighths of an inch thick. The shelves to be 5/8 inch thick, and the ends, bottom, and top piecess shaped as shown, to be 7/8 inch thick.

The best wood for this piece of furniture is plain oak, which can be left in the natural wood, or stained and wax-polished. Baywood is also suitable, which may be ebonised, or stained rich mahogany colour, and varnished and rubbed down. When economy is necessary, good pitch pine can be used, simply varnished.

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Wall Bookcase Plan

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