Dining Chair Plans

Dining Chair Plans

Woodorking plans for a small wooden dining room chair.

PLATE III. The small chair shown in this plan is of the simplest construction, and is so fully detailed in the several drawings as to practically require no description. The design is suitable for a light dining room chair, and can be carried out in almost any hard wood, preferably rich English or wainscot oak, Spanish mahogany, or black walnut. If mahogany is used, the form of back indicated in Fig. 5 should be preferred to the other more solid forms given, which are more suitable for oak or walnut.

Fig. I is a side view of the chair; Fig. 2 a front view; Fig. 3 an alternate design for the back of the chair; Fig. 4 shows the frame of the seat, which is to be upholstered, in the usual manner, with cross-webbing, canvas, hair-stuffing, and leather; and Fig. 5, already alluded to, is a plain back suitable for mahogany. The chair can be stained to any colour desired, and polished or varnished in any manner.

Small Chair Plan

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Dining Chair Plans

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