Free Hexagon Table Plan

Free Hexagon Table Plan

Free plans for a hexagon shaped table which can be used for indoor, desk, or picnic purposes.

PLATE V. The design given in this free plan is for an occasional or small tea table, the top of which is hexagonal. It is carried on six straight and flat supports, which are simply ornamented with quatrefoil perforations, the foils of which are readily cut with a Clarke expansive bit - I inch radius - and the centres removed with a small saw or chisel.

The construction is extremely simple, all the parts being easily put together by means of small blocks and screws, no gluing being required. Fig. i shows the table complete. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the lower portion, showing the position and blocking of the shaped stay-board. Fig. 3 is a horizontal half section, cut on the line C D, showing the underside of the shaped stay-board, with its system of blocking attaching it to the vertical supports. Fig. 4 is a horizontal half-section on the line A B, showing the underside of the hexagonal top, and the blocking by which it is attached to the vertical supports.

Hexagon Table

If the table is made of oak wood or Spanish mahogany, the supports need not be more than ¾ inch thick, and the top 7/8 inch thick ; but if soft wood is used, to receive paint, thicker material should be employed, as indicated. A great variety of artistic effects like geometrical inlaying and studding can be produced by the applications of the different stains now used on oak and other light woods, and any style of finishing may be adopted, taste may direct.

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Free Hexagon Table Plan

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