Indoor Flower Stands

Indoor Flower Stands

Plans for decorative display flower stands.

PLATE IX. The designs given in this plan are for quaintly formed and easily constructed flower pot or plant stands. If well made of some good kind of hard wood, they will be suitable for any room or hall. Fig. i shows a square box, supported on four slightly shaped legs, which are screwed to the centres of its sides, as indicated by the dotted lines in Fig. 2. The legs are attached to the small shelf below, partly shown in Fig. 3, by means of small angle-irons, securely screwed underneath to both legs and shelf.

Plant Stands Plans

The sides of the wood flower box are shown pierced, but they can be left solid if preferred: the perforations necessarily involve considerable careful labour. The corners of the box are mitred, and cross-tongued with some dark wood, such as rosewood or ebony, as indicated in Fig. i, and shown in detail in Fig. 4. This treatment has an ornamental effect. The corners of the box can be dovetailed if preferred. Fig. 2 shows the top frame of the box, mitred and tongued : this is held in position by the upper ends of the legs being let into it, and by being glued and pinned to the edge of the box, as indicated - Fig. 5 shows the other stand, in all respects different in design, although practically similar in construction, to that shown in Fig. I. Fig. 6 shows the interior of the box, and Fig. 7 the shelf underneath. The box may have perfectly plain sides, or they may be cut, after the fashion shown, or perforated in any manner taste may direct.

Zinc trays or inner linings should be provided for both boxes, to catch any moisture that may run from the flower pots.

Any wood can be used according to taste, or as may be dictated by the furniture of the room in which the stand is to be placed. Soft wood painted has a very good appearance in ordinary cases. Decoration may be applied by either free-hand work or decorative stencilling.

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Indoor Flower Stands

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