Coat Rack Tree Plan

Coat Rack Tree Plan

PLATE XL. The article for the formation of which two designs are given in this plan is one that every lady will admit the utility of. Although the entry hall way dress tree, or coat rack tree, as a piece of bedroom furniture is practically unknown in England, its value and convenience are fully recognised in the United States.

The dress tree is more convenient than the ordinary wardrobe for the hanging up of articles of dress and coats on retiring for the night, or for purely temporary use; and we feel sure, once it has been used, that its absence will always be regretted. The construction of this simple article of furniture is so distinctly shown in both the designs given, that a description and instructions of the same are absolutely unnecessary. The wood to be used should be dictated by that of the furniture of the room in which the article is to be placed. The amateur joiner, desiring to make a present of a piece of his handiwork to a lady, could not select a more acceptable one than a handsomely finished dress-tree.

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Coat Rack Tree Plan

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