Library Table Plans

Library Table Plans

PLATE XV. The quaint, vintage table illustrated in this plan is an extremely useful article of furniture, and is admirably suited for a small library or sitting-room. It combines the ordinary convenience of a table with a bookcase.

Between the end supports are shelves as shown in the section, Fig. 2, and the part end view, Fig. 3. If the shelves are made 1 ft. 9 ins. long, the table will hold about eighty volumes of the average size, without placing any behind the front rows.

Fig. I is a side view of the table complete, and Fig. 4 furnishes an alternative design. A tray is provided between the supports, carried on the level of the lower bookshelves, convenient for holding magazines, newspapers, etc. The length of the table as shown is 3 ft. 4 ins.; but this can be extended by separating the supports by longer intermediate pieces of any desirable form, or perfectly straight if preferred.

Figs. 5, 6, and 7 fully explain the simple construction, supplemented by the dotted lines in Figs, i and 3. The table may be constructed of any of the woods already discussed, but oak would seem to specially commend itself. Of the soft woods, pitch pine would be the most suitable. The small wedges should be of rosewood or ebony.

Library Table

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Library Table Plans

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