Vintage Oak Medicine Cabinet Plans

Vintage Oak Medicine Cabinet Plans

PLATE XVI. A small cabinet for containing medicines, under lock and key, and suitable for fixing to a bedroom or bathroom wall, is a desirable article in every house. Medicines should never be left lying about; while they should always be readily found when required.

The design given in this plan is for a cabinet of an ornamental or decorative character, such as would repay the amateur joiner for the time and care expended on its fabrication, and which would not be out of place in even the most richly furnished bedroom. Every detail of the construction is carefully shown in the several drawings given in the plans.

Fig. I is a front view of the complete cabinet, showing its door, panelled with a bevel-edged plate-glass mirror (a wood panel can be inserted if preferred). Small shelves flank the cabinet, which may hold ornaments, or bottles and glasses in frequent use.

Fig. 2 is a side view, showing the projections of the cabinet and the shelves. Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the centre of the cabinet, showing its three shelves. It is unnecessary to remark that the contour of the back-board on which the cabinet is built can be varied in any manner that taste may direct. Any of the hard woods, such as oak wood, may be used in the construction of the cabinet, and any desirable finish can be adopted.

Medicine Cabinet Plans

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Vintage Oak Medicine Cabinet Plans

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