Rattan Armchairs

A fine selection of woven rattan armchairs from Emporium Indonesia, pre-eminent manufacturers and wholesalers of elegant and classic rattan furniture in Indonesian as well as contemporary world styles. These rattan armchairs furniture are produced from the finest Indonesian rattan cane and are supplied at discount, wholesale prices in an online environment worldwide.

Our rattan lounge armchairs come replete with cushions and are finished in the stain of your choice. In some cases leather may be chosen for the cushions.

The other parts of our Indonesian rattan furniture range include rattan chairs for rattan dining tables, and rattan sofas.

For prices information of our vintage rattan armchairs go to wholesale furniture Contact. Click the rattan armchairs pictures to see the products in more detail.

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Indonesian Rattan Armchair Rattan Armchairs Bali Rattan Armchair Living Room Armchairs

RF-AR 001
Indonesian Rattan Armchair

RF-AR 002
Rattan Armchairs

RF-AR 003
Bali Rattan Armchair

RF-AR 004
Living Room Armchairs

English Style Armchair Rattan Patio Armchairs Classic Rattan Armchair Contemporary Rattan Armchair

RF-AR 005
English Style Armchair

RF-AR 006
Rattan Patio Armchairs

RF-AR 007
Classic Rattan Armchair

RF-AR 008
Contemporary Rattan Armchair

Rattan Pole Armchair European Style Armchair Rattan Armchair & Cushion Italian Style Rattan Armchairs

RF-AR 009
Rattan Pole Armchair

RF-AR 010
European Style Armchair

RF-AR 011
Rattan Armchair & Cushion

RF-AR 012
Italian Style Rattan Armchairs

Indian Armchair Modern Wicker Rattan Armchairs Nautical Armchair Terrace Armchair

RF-AR 013
Indian Armchair

RF-AR 014
Modern Wicker Rattan Armchairs

RF-AR 015
Nautical Armchair

RF-AR 016
Terrace Armchair

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