Rattan Baskets, Wicker Rattan Storage Baskets

Decorative yet practical rattan baskets and wicker rattan storage vessels and baskets, whether used in the laundry, kitchen, or when going about these handmade rattan baskets make great home decor accents.

The other parts of our Indonesian rattan furniture range include rattan armchairs, rattan chairs for rattan dining tables, and rattan sofas.

For prices information of our handmade rattan baskets go to wholesale furniture Contact. Clicking the baskets pictures will show the products in more detail.

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small rattan basketsrattan storage binsrattan storage binswicker rattan tray basket

RF-BH 001

RF-BH 002

RF-BH 003

RF-BH 004

small basketsrattan fiber basketsweaved basketsrattan containers

RF-BH 005

RF-BH 006

RF-BH 007

RF-BH 008

rattan carry hamperrattan storagesmall wicker basketssmall wicker baskets

RF-BH 009

RF-BH 010

RF-BH 011

RF-BH 012

rattan storage basketweaved trayrattan trayrattan storage

RF-BH 013

RF-BH 014

RF-BH 015

RF-BH 016

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