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Wholesale copper and brass crafts at Emporium Indonesia. This page continues our Indonesian copper and brass products range featuring flower pots, copper jars, vases, copper goblets, brass jars, copper bowls, and copper pots.

All of our copper and brass crafts and products, from the finest craftsmen in Indonesia, are offered wholesale direct to crafts stores and sellers worldwide. We go to great lengths to ensure that our brass vases and copper pots crafts are of the highest quality and feel confident that they will be a considerable decorative advantage to your business or home.

Click on the pictures to see the vases and copper pots in more detail. For further information and pricing details please visit Copper & Brass Crafts Contact. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your crafts business.

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Indonesian copper jar Wholesale Craft Supplies copper vase Indonesian brass jar

RFH-BC 017
Indonesian Copper Jar

RFH-BC 018
Copper Jar

RFH-BC 019
Copper Vase

RFH-BC 020
Brass Jar

brass money jar Indonesia brass jars decorative copper goblets copper jar wholesale

RFH-BC 021
Brass Money Jar

RFH-BC 022
Indonesia Brass Jar

RFH-BC 023
Decorative Copper Goblet

RFH-BC 024
Copper Jar Wholesale

copper flower pots Indonesian copper flower pots copper flower pot Copper Flower Vase

RFH-BC 025
Copper Flower Pot

RFH-BC 026
Indonesian Copper Flower Pot

RFH-BC 027
Copper Flower Pot

RFH-BC 028
Copper Flower Vase

Indonesia brass pots Indonesian brass vases joss stick bowls copper bowls

RFH-BC 029
Indonesia Brass Pot

RFH-BC 030
Indonesian Brass Vases

RFH-BC 031
Joss Stick Bowl

RFH-BC 032
Copper Bowls

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