Relics & Curio Cabnets & Collections

Cabinets of Curiosities

Hardcover: 256 pages

A gorgeously illustrated exploration of the old world of cabnets, rooms, and the strange and wonderful collections to be found within them, Cabinets of Curiosities presents the long history of cabinets and collections - amazing accumulations of rare, exotic, or unusual objects either natural or human-made, displayed in decorative cases and cabinets or entire rooms.

Collections documented and photographed include textiles, scientific and musical instruments, ethnographic objects, automata, paintings, silverware, and mummified anatomical specimens. Chapters about the history and fate of such collections, and the personalities that engaged in them, reflect a deeply intellectual appreciation of the collections. Overwhelmingly though Cabinets of Curiosities is a pictures book. There are reproductions of old prints showing how the collections used to look, as well as photographs of cabinets which still remain, and the wonderful curios that filled them.

Cabinets & Collections

We can look at the lavish photos here, and gain a bit of understanding of the obsessions of the collectors, and we might look at our own cabinets with their relatively meagre curios collections and make some unfortunate comparisons.

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