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Welcome to Emporium Indonesia's range of wholesale upholstered furniture. Here we showcase pictures of our fine solid teak and mahogany armchairs, upholstered chairs, and lounge chairs all direct from the Indonesian manufacturers at wholesale, affordable prices.

All leather armchairs, upholstered chairs, and lounge chairs seen here are handmade and handcrafted using best quality solid wood and fine upholstery fabrics. Most of the upholstered wooden furniture here is available in either teak or mahogany wood.

Indoor furniture styles predominating are classic antique and Regency style, Emporium Indonesia's custom, speciality areas.

To obtain pricing information on our upholstered arm chairs and lounge chairs go to Emporium Indonesia Wholesale Furniture Contact. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

To see larger pictures of our wooden upholstered furniture, upholstered chairs and armchairs click on the photos below.

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Carved Wooden Chair Antique Tub Chair Edwardian Tub Chair

RF-So 003
Carved Wooden Chair

RF-So 017
Antique Tub Chair

RF-So 018
Edwardian Tub Chair

Tub Chairs Dutch Chairs Victorian Chairs Padded Tub Bucket Chair

RF-So 020
Swan Tub Chair

RF-So 022
Dutch Top Arm Chair

RF-So 023
Victorian Tub Chair

RF So 024
Padded Tub Bucket Chair

American Antique Chairs Nursing Chairs English Style Armchair Early Victorian Easy Chair

RF-So 025
American Antique Chair

RF-So 027
Upholstered Nursing Chair

RF-So 028
English Style Armchair

RF-So 029
Early Victorian Easy Chair

Grandfather Chair Office Desk Chair Swivel Office Chair Regency Leather Armchair

RF So 030
Grandfather Chair

RF So 033
Office Desk Chair

RF So 034
Swivel Office Chair

RF-So 035
Regency Leather Armchair

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