Lawn Furniture and Porch Furniture

Solid teak wood lawn furniture and porch furniture from Emporium Indonesia. We are manufacturers of Indonesian lawn and porch furniture selling direct from the factory at wholesale, discount prices to furniture companies worldwide. Our lawn furniture and porch furniture, teak deck chairs, loungers, directors chairs, and teak wooden folding benches, is handmade from carefully selected plantation grown hardwood teak.

As one of the foremost Indonesian export furniture manufacturers we are committed to providing a total service to our wholesale furniture customers. We look beyond short term gain to developing a solid and lasting relationship, based on trust and our willingness to adapt to your needs.

To obtain price information for our lawn furniture and porch furniture, as well as to learn more about how we can assist in growing your business, go to Wholesale Furniture Contact. Click on the pictures of our lawn furniture products to view a larger photo.

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Folding Lawn Chair Folding Lawn Bench Wood Porch Chair Teak Lawn Arm Chair

RFG 052
Folding Lawn Chair

RFG 053
Folding Lawn Bench

RFG 054
Wood Porch Chair

RFG 055
Teak Lawn Arm Chair

Small Folding Table Swing Deck Chair Teak Pool Sun Lounger Teak Poolside Lounger

RFG 056
Small Folding Table

RFG 057
Swing Deck Chair

RFG 058
Teak Pool Sun Lounger

RFG 059
Teak Poolside Lounger

Teak Porch Chair Foldable Outdoor Chair Portable Beach Lounge Chair Folding Teak Lounge Chair

RFG 060
Teak Porch Chair

RFG 061
Foldable Outdoor Chair

RFG 062
Portable Beach Lounge Chair

RFG 063
Folding Teak Lounge Chair

Director's chair Canvas Director Chair Folding Wooden Table Folding Lawn Picnic Table

RFG 064
Teak Director's Chair

RFG 065
Canvas Director Chair

RFG 066
Folding Wooden Table

RFG 067
Folding Lawn Picnic Table

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