Rattan Sofas & Wicker Rattan Sofa Sets

Emporium Indonesia's catalog of rattan sofas and wicker rattan sofa sets handmade in our rattan furniture workshops in Indonesia. These wicker rattan sofas make ideal decorative livingroom accents and come in a number of styles from contemporary to tropical.

Based on original designs our rattan sofas and loveseats are available at discount prices to our wholesale customers.

The other parts of our Indonesian rattan furniture range include rattan armchairs, rattan dining tables, and rattan chairs.

For prices information on our rattan sofas visit wholesale furniture Contact. Click the wicker rattan sofas pictures to see the products with larger photos.

Rattan Sofa Wicker Rattan Tropical Sofa Classic English Sofa Rattan Sofa Set

RF-RS 001
Rattan Sofa Wicker

RF-RS 002
Rattan Tropical Sofa

RF-RS 003
Classic English Sofa

RF-RS 004
Rattan Sofa Set

Rattan Livingroom Sofa Set Contemporary Sofa & Coffee Table Full Living Room Sofa Set Patio Loveseat Sofa Rattan

RF-RS 005
Rattan Livingroom Sofa Set

RF-RS 006
Contemporary Sofa

RF-RS 007
Living Room Sofa Set

RF-RS 008
Patio Loveseat Sofa Rattan

Rattan Wicker Sofa & Table Rattan Wicker Loveseat Sofa

RF-RS 009
Rattan Wicker Sofa

RF-RS 010
Rattan Wicker Loveseat Sofa

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