Round Table Plans

Round Table Plans

PLATE VII. The design given in these plans is for a small round, occasional or tea-table, differing widely in style from that given in Plate V, the hexagon table plan. In the present design four broad, shaped, and perforated supports are introduced, the general treatment of which points the way to other outlines and perforated patterns of practically endless variety.

Fig. I is a side view of the complete wooden table. The perforations are to be cut by means of the bow saw, started in each one from a brace-bit hole. The construction is very simple. The lower and upper horizontal cross-rails are halved together in their centres, and their ends are tenoned into the supports slightly, as indicated by dotted lines. All the rest of the fixing is done by means of small blocks screwed to the respective portions of the table, all of which are shown.

Fig. 2 is a view as seen from the bottom of the table (a little more than one-half being drawn), showing all the blocking in position; namely, the blocks which secure the lower cross-rails together and to the small round shelf A; and those which attach the four supports to the table-top B. Fig. 3 is a view close to the underside of the top B, showing sections of the supports, the upper cross-rails C, and the blocks which secure the top to the supports at D. Respecting the woods to be used, and modes of finishing to be adopted, see the concluding remarks in our description of Plate V., hexagon table plan, all of which are applicable in connection with the present round table.

Round Table

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Round Table Plans

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