Free Bookcase Plans

Free Bookcase Plans

The design given in these free bookcase plans is for a convenient standing bookcase, capable, according to the width indicated, of containing a small home library of about one hundred and sixty books of the average thickness. Four tiers of books are provided for; but, in the event of many small books obtaining, another shelf can be added, and, if necessary, a few inches may be added to the general height without affecting the design.

The construction is extremely simple, and within the powers of any amateur reasonably expert in the use of the ordinary woodworking tools. Fig. 1 is a front view of a little more than half the width of the bookcase ; but the width can be increased or diminished as requirements may direct.

Fig. 2 is a vertical section through the centre of the bookcase, showing the shelves and the rows of small holes bored in the end planks for the adjustment of the shelves at any desirable height.

Standing Bookcase

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section, showing the manner in which the end planks are tongued into grooves formed in the shaped standards, and the ½ inch, grooved, tongued, and beaded back boarding.

The manner in which the shelves are supported on small metal rings, the shanks of which enter the adjusting holes, is indicated by the dotted rings at the end of the shelf shown. The four shaped, end standards to be 5 inches wide at bottom, 4¼ inches wide at top, and 7/8 inch thick ; the shelves to be 7/8 inch thick, as they are long and books are very heavy ; and the bottom and top to be 1 inch thick.

The best woods to be used are oak, tropical woods like teak, or black walnut; but either sequoia or pitch pine can be used with a satisfactory result. Any desirable finish can be adopted to suit other articles of furniture in the room.

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Free Bookcase Plans

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